Day 2

Somehow on Tuesday morning I managed to get my wetsuit on by myself!! I’ve never swum in a wetsuit before and I was keen to see what it felt like. The buoyancy it gives you is amazing which makes swimming really easy… much less hard work although I found the tightness restricts the arms quite a lot, but I guess I need to try a few suits to work out one that fits me well. There were only four of us swimming and it really was a lovely way to start the day. A quick breakfast and it wasn’t long before we were back in the pool doing drills.

We’ve all got our own things to work on to perfect our stroke and improve our times and endurance. I’m keen to clock up more miles in the pool here then I do at home – just a personal mission – so I stayed in the water a little longer after the session which gave me a really short break before the next pool session which again worked on specifics and we started using our CSS timings. some of my fellow swimmers have really sensible anti- sunsuits; sensible things to have as the sun is strong here (when it comes out!!!) and sunscreen just comes off in the water. I didn’t expect to be the youngest person here, but wow, am I just inspired by my fellow campers – I’ll go home and make some plans.

Tripadvisor reviews of Sands Beach aren’t great… ignore them; Jo and Sandra have chosen well, the hotel has a gym if you find any spare time, a stretching room and it’s a nice walk to the village. The rooms are comfortable and very clean. The WiFi works and the food is great. I have hired a car for the week which is only €52 total with Autoreisen so after the swim I went off exploring again. I have always known Lanzarote as Lanzagrotty which it really isn’t – not that I have seen yet anyway. There are lots of people here enjoying the great climate to cycle, run and swim. Villages are rustic and small, the scenery moonlike – quite surreal; I’ll definitely be back! Thanks so much Jo and Sandra – great camp 😁

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