An early end

We were greeted by blue skies and little breeze on this, my last day with Tri50.

Due to work commitments, I started mid-way through the Swim Camp and I’ll leave 3 days into the Triathlon Camp. We were buddied-up for the pre-breakfast sea swim which could either be a 20 or 30 mins endurance swim. Most Triathletes chose the shorter option, as we knew we had a tough training day ahead. As someone who has yet to undertake a triathlon, I wanted to learn more about the Transitions. T1- the transition from swim to bike and T2 – the transition from bike to run. Our coaches, Sandra and Jo, covered the most efficient way of negotiating these changes. We then put everything into action with multi- brick workouts designed to increase neuromuscular adaptation, forcing the body to shift blood from the cycling muscles to the running muscles, and back, many times over.

Exhausted, the day ended with core strength and stretch sessions. I’ll sleep well this evening knowing that I now feel ready for my first triathlon………………. In July!

Stephen Hopson

RB RA Road bike V2 (1 May)

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