Specialised triathlon training for over-50s and women

Jo and Sandra are proud to match their personal passion for triathlon with impressive track records as both Coaches and competitors.

Our experiences have shown our approach to triathlon training works brilliantly for mature athletes & women of all ages.

Our emphasis on quality helps you stay sharp and injury-free, allowing  you to reach your potential in a friendly setting.

Our Approach

Tri50’s approach to multisport coaching is to focus on the benefits of training correctly and avoiding ‘junk miles’ through cross-training that instills real confidence — whether you’re a complete novice or aspiring to achieve GB qualification.

We understand that everyone learns differently and that getting to grips with the technical aspects of one sport — whether it’s swimming, cycling or running — may take longer than mastering the other two.

What we offer

Through our programme of separate specialised triathlon training days, training camps and workshops for over-50s and women we put the focus exactly where it works best. You will get the same friendly welcome whether you’re starting out or you’re an experienced age grouper with a new competitive goal.

Coming up in the Tri50 2017 programme is our our training camp (22nd to 29th April 2017) at Las Playitas, Fuerteventura in the sunny Canary Isles.

Upcoming Events

Tri50 - Fuerteventura Triathlon Training Camp BFuerteventura Training Camp April 2017 – FINAL FEW PLACES AVAILABLE!

Tri50 is travelling to the beautiful Fuerteventura on the Canary Isles for our 2017 Spring Training Camp from 22nd to 29th April (with the option of staying on for an additional 3 days training to Tuesday 2nd May) . This is a true holiday in beautiful surroundings with first class triathlon coaching in all disciplines, open water swimming, core and strength training and  optimal nutrition advice.  We also offer a womens only version – click here for details

Tri Training at Wellington CollegeSpring Training Weekend 2017 and other Training Days – work in progress, information very soon

Suited to all Duathletes and Triathletes. All the training tips you could ever want from the experienced and successful Tri50 Coaches – learn from them, as well as from your fellow Course athletes. Coaching will be provided across all Triathlon disciplines, as well as Core Conditioning, Sports Nutrition, and ideas on how to balance your own training alongside work, family and travel commitments. Beautiful venue and surrounding countryside have to be tried for yourselves – just the ticket.

What our athletes say…

Thank you so much for your amazing help today. You are such a calm and kindly lady.
I can’t tell you how pleased I feel . I was dreading it if the truth is known 😩 but you made it so very easy and your way with people is fab.​

Sally MacDougallFebruary 2017

Thanks for a brilliant weekend. I didn’t know anyone when I signed up but that didn’t matter – the other women were really friendly and the coaches were brilliant. You gave me really specific useful information about nutrition which I have started to implement, as well as lots of other tips for transition, cycling and running. I’ve just finished a sprint triathlon and did a PR, and felt really strong on the run. Some of the credit for that should definitely go the the Tri50 weekend!

JessApril 2016

Just wanted to thank both of you for bringing me together with Vanessa and Nicole last year in Fuerteventura. As a result of getting to know them then, and keeping in touch since, we’ve just had a great week’s training together here in Andalucia. I have had so much fun and enjoyment sharing bike rides, swims and leisure time with them and it has been fascinating to talk to both of them about their approach to training for Tri events. Both are considerably less angst-ridden than me, so I have a lot to learn from them about that! Vanessa and I have also spent a lot of time comparing our similar hamstring/upper leg pains and commiserating with one another!

I will be really sad to see them both leave tomorrow but know we will meet up again somewhere, sometime later this year (maybe at a Tri event…) so will look forward to that.

Thanks again for Fuerteventura last year and everything that it has led to since!

GillianLas Playitas 2015

I signed up for the Autumn Tri50 training weekend to provide some momentum for my winter training, and perhaps find out why one of my 2015 sprint tris had gone like a dream while another had hurt all the way round. I got more than I bargained for! As well as the excellent swim, bike and run training sessions and the much-needed information about nutrition (perhaps the secret to why one of my events didn’t go right) I found myself motivated to sign up with Jo for a proper coached training plan to take me into the 2016 season. While my aim is to improve my pool-based sprint distance performance in the year where I go up to a new age group, I know that Jo has plans to persuade me that open-water swimming is the next move. Who knows – with Jo’s coaching skills she might even get me to believe it too! Thanks to Jo and Beate for an exhausting but very motivating weekend. I will definitely be back for more.

JulieTri Training Weekend - Autumn 2015

Many thanks for a great weekend. The venue was ideal, Beate and Jo could not have been more helpful and I learnt a lot. If I can put all this knowledge into practice I should sail through Ironman Barcelona.

PeterSpring Training, April 2015

… I just wanted to say thanks again for a fantastic weekend. I had such a great time – I felt I learnt a great deal from 2 supportive, knowledgeable coaches in a safe environment. It has boosted my confidence too.
I miss you both, our group and Wellington college already.
Here’s to the next time!
Thanks again

VickySpring Training, April 2015

It has been a privilege to meet you and train with you at the Wellington College in the past two and half days! Everyone of you is inspirational to me!  Many thanks for your generosity in sharing knowledge and offering encouragement!

And of course SPECIAL THANKS to Jo and Beate who worked so hard to organise and run the training and most importantly for caring!

It is an extremely rewarding weekend for me and I’m sure you feel the same.

For some of you who are more local to me, we shall organise some trainings together… keep fingers crossed :-)

ZhilinSpring Training, April 2015

Hi everyone,

It was lovely to meet you all and get to know others who share my love of triathlon.

Thank you to Jo and Beate for a very rewarding weekend, I enjoyed everything about the weekend and had a fantastic and memorable time to take me forward with my training and racing.

JillSpring Training, April 2015

“Jo and Beate managed the group sessions so that we all received invaluable individual training along with the camaraderie and support of a friendly group. Lovely pool and surprisingly good food!”

JanetAutumn Training Weekend, Wellington College Nov 14

I had a brilliant weekend and really enjoyed the training and tips to move my training forward. I do hope I can manage to come along to another event next year. All the best, and thank you once again for a great weekend.

FrancesAutumn Training Weekend Wellington College Nov 14

It was an enormously helpful weekend, so again thank you for you and your team’s advice. I have some really good tips and areas of the training for me to work on, and I think the areas you covered are behind my lack of speed and endurance in the swim and run.

John SAutumn Training Weekend, Wellington College Nov 2014

Thank you so much for giving me such structure to my training. I had no clue when I started 4 months ago at your tri weekend. I have learnt so much under your leadership.

Terri O’ReganAugust 2014

I came along to the training day with Jo and Beate at Hillingdon in March.  I’ve just completed my first Triathlon, at Sevenoaks on Sunday and wanted to pass on a message to Jo and Beate to say thank you for all the great training day tips.  I finished in 1.54.40 and was the 2nd placed female in my age group and 19th female overall so I was absolutely over the moon.  I’m totally fired up now for my next triathlon at East Grinstead on 11th  May and then the Hever Castle Series after that.

AnnaSpring Training Day, May 2014

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