Specialised triathlon training for mature athletes

Jo and Sandra are proud to match their personal passion for triathlon with impressive track records as both Coaches and competitors.

Our experiences have shown our approach to triathlon training works brilliantly for mature athletes & women of all ages.

Our emphasis on quality helps you stay sharp and injury-free, allowing  you to reach your potential in a friendly setting.

Our Approach

Tri50’s approach to multisport coaching is to focus on the benefits of training correctly and avoiding ‘junk miles’ through cross-training that instills real confidence — whether you’re a complete novice or aspiring to achieve GB qualification.

We understand that everyone learns differently and that getting to grips with the technical aspects of one sport — whether it’s swimming, cycling or running — may take longer than mastering the other two.

What we offer

Through our programme of separate specialised triathlon training days, training camps and workshops for mature athletes we put the focus exactly where it works best. You will get the same friendly welcome whether you’re starting out or you’re an experienced age grouper with a new competitive goal.

Coming up in Tri50 2018 programme is our Fully Coached Swim Camp (November 12th- 17th inc – note that all places are now filled) at Sands Beach, Lanzarote.

Upcoming Events

FULLY COACHED Swim Camp, November 2018, Lanzarote

Our winter swim camp will be running from Monday 12th Nov – Sat 17th Nov inc, once again at Sands Beach Resort, Lanzarote.

Swim Camp FULL

FULLY COACHED Cycling Camp, April 2019, Lanzarote

Our spring cycle camp will be running from Sunday 28th April – Fri 3rd May inc, once again at Sands Beach Resort, Lanzarote.

Book your place by 15th February to receive an early bird discount!

FULLY COACHED Triathlon Camp, May 2019, Lanzarote

Our spring triathlon camp will be running from Sunday 5th – Sat 11th May inc, once again at Sands Beach Resort, Lanzarote.

Book your place by 15th February to receive an early bird discount!

Brilliant fun, great team spirit, and still found time to learn lots of new skills, and new improve!

Toni RichardsonMay 2018

Brilliant week for triathletes of all levels. I am a “newbie” to Tri50 and I had an absolute ball, learned a lot, and feel like I am on the start of a fun journey. Don’t hesitate to book onto a future Tri50 training week.

Mary DalbyMay 2018

Great advice given by all the Tri50 Coaches with such clarity but, most of all, inspirational enthusiasm. Thank You!

Jamie ShuttleMay 2018

Fantastic group of people, really inspiring and motivational.

Grace SouchMay 2018

I was very apprehensive before the start of this training week. I could not have been more supported in trying to improve my swimming, and I also enjoyed the running and cycling. Never thought I would use cleats, however, with Jo’s support and patient guidance, it was surprisingly easy. Fabulous week. Thank You Tri50.

Julie SouchMay 2018

Great people! Great training! Great fun! The Camps honed my Triathlon/swimming skills and I came away a great deal fitter.

Helene HillMay 2018

Jo and Sandra are wonderful Coaches. The perfect mix of nurturing and challenging their many athletes. I defy anyone to attend one of their training Camps and not improve.

Dee PhilpottMay 2018

Jo and Sandra – a fantastic duo! Their extensive coaching knowledge and expertise has inspired me forward for my swimming and triathlon training. Thank You both.

Sara SimonMay 2018

A really well planned week of triathlon training and skills, ensuring we were not pushed completely with overload! Wonderful Coaches, with a huge range of skills between them. Will recommend Tri50 to everyone!

Alison Smith May 2018

I feel that I have pushed so many boundaries this week. I have tried many new things, some I have succeeded, and some are still work in progress. I have met wonderfully inspirational people and feel that I have grown in a way which will benefit every area of my Life – Thanks Tri50.

Seana BloomfieldMay 2018

A week filled with fun, pushing one’s limits and I’ve met the most amazing people.

Melany LotteringMay 2018

A fantastic training week by two amazing Coaches – Sandra and Jo – I have learnt a lot and now feel confident that I can take my training to the next level. As a bonus, a group of great people!

Carole OlivierMay 2018

It’s been tough work, which I expected and loved! Being stretched is what I require and actually love when I have completed!

Steph FaganMay 2018

What an amazing week. Learned so much and had such fun too! Brain full and body tired – returning home really chuffed with myself! Thanks so much Jo and Sandra.

NickyNovember 2017

Jo and Sandra made the week Fun – alongside excellent tuition, help and advice. I would highly recommend their Swim Camp.

SaraNovember 2017

Great to train in a group with Coaches that inspire you to make an effort. I have refund my motivation. Thanks.

AnneNovember 2017

This week has been full of self-discoveries, challenges, and all expectations achieved. Jo and Sandra are amazing Coaches with continuous flowing support and encouragement. Awesome week!

JuliaNovember 2017

My third Tri50 Training Camp and my first Swim Camp. Pleased to find I can swim for a week and survive! 3,000m in the pool in one session is a first for me!

JulieNovember 2017

Tri50’s Swim Camp 2017 has transformed my attitude to a discipline which I have struggled with. I’m full of hope to achieve my goal – a good, efficient swimmer. Thank You Sandra and Jo for your guidance and encouragement.

VickyNovember 2017

Had a fantastic time and would definitely come again. Thank You.

Man ChrisNovember 2017

The Tri50 Swim Camp exceeded all expectations. The great company made the training so enjoyable. Thank You Jo and Sandra.

SueNovember 2017

A great week with a fantastic group of people. Swimming for 5 days constantly is the way to go to improve my swimming speed. Thank You Sandra and Jo.

ChristineNovember 2017

Fab Tri50 Swim Camp week. Great fun. Thanks.

TedNovember 2017

Thoroughly enjoyed the Swim Camp – cannot wait to come back next year.

Chris TNovember 2017

I cannot believe how much I’ve learned and improved in just 5 days! I am so happy I joined Tri50’s Swim Camp – it’s been epic and amazing fun.

CarolineNovember 2017

Lots of fun a challenging and varied week of swimming for all ages and ability levels. Great Coaches and a wonderful location – the Canaries.

AlisonNovember 2017

First of all, I wanted to say thank you for conducting such an excellent training session. If I’m honest I approached the course with trepidation as I’m not a confident cyclist at all, but you did a great job of making it accessible and relevant to a beginner level and to slightly more experienced cyclists.  The training session was really informative and I felt like I left with much more knowledge regarding how to cycle more efficiently and safely, and the mix of theoretical broken up with practical experience on the track worked really well.

Sarah H, September 2017

Thanks so much Sandra for Sunday session.  Really enjoyable and I learnt so much.  Have realised if I want to give cycling a good go then I need to invest in some gear!  Would love to join Amersham Cycling Club purely for the enjoyment of the riding and scenery! Not interested in competing!

Fiona C, September 2017

Thank you so much, I really enjoyed the course and felt so much more comfortable by the end of the session.

I wish I lived a little closer to uitilise not only the track but also your expertise a little more!

Cali, September 2017

I met Jo at Dorney Lake, following the Shock Absorber’s Women’s Only Triathlon 3 years ago whilst in a strop having decided to give up Triathlon following an abysmal swim in which I spent of the time swimming on my  back.  Jo and I had not met before but she laid a bet with me that after 5 swimming lessons with her I could compete again with confidence.  This is a bet she won, I lost!

Without Jo’s help I would never have come 1st in both the Windsor Sprint and Dorney Shock Absorber’s Women’s Only Challenge Triathlon earlier this month, for my age group. I have learnt so much over the months and have loved the SMART training.

Jo is a really special person; Coach and friend. She gives her all to helping others to achieve and is a role model for mature Triathletes, which I, for one, aspire to.

Thank You, Jo.

Sue Rossi, July 2017

After a good 10 years of playing at triathlon and doing OK, I realised I needed some direction and accountability to my training & racing. As a PT and tri coach myself I know the importance of this, yet couldn’t coach myself, and realised I probably wasn’t training as smart as I could be.So I contacted Jo, having met her a few times through the triathlon world previous.

I’ve now been training with her for just over 6 months, and I have already improved my 10k run time by 2 minutes, got into the top 6 in my age group in every race I’ve entered this year, plus a 1st and 2nd place. Jo’s quiet persuasion is enough to encourage me to put my all into training, race more than I have before, and race well. She is a true inspiration, and I have every faith that she will be pushing the right buttons to get me on track for age-group qualification in the future.

Alison Smith, July 2017

The timing couldn’t have been better for the Fuerteventura camp — it got our heads into race mode as the season starts. It’s just another facet of Jo and Sandra’s intelligent and organized training. Accolades to Coaches and to the lovely athletes in the Tri50 team.

Janet Harper, May 2017

This was the first time I had been on a training camp and I specifically wanted one that took into account that I was an older athlete. I know Jo and some of the athletes from her training session on a Monday so I was confident that it would be quality sessions with a nice group of people.  My expectations were exceeded.  The training sessions were challenging for me (as my training at home is not consistent), well structured and focused on moving each person towards their individual goals. Not only did it take my fitness up a couple of notches, it was fun!  They were all an amazing group of people and fun to be with; very supportive of each other and I have made some new friends as a result.  I will be going back next year.

Erica B, April 2017

This was my second year at the Tri50 training camp and this time it was crucial to my preparation for my first attempt at Age Group qualification.  Once again the coaching was excellent and we were really encouraged to find abilities we never thought we had.  I emerged from the camp exhausted, but with new skills and a deeper understanding of my strengths.  I am now as prepared as I could ever be, both physically and mentally, for my forthcoming competition.

Julie G, April 2017

Thank you so much for your amazing help today. You are such a calm and kindly lady.
I can’t tell you how pleased I feel . I was dreading it if the truth is known but you made it so very easy and your way with people is fab.

Sally MacDougallFebruary 2017

Thanks for a brilliant weekend. I didn’t know anyone when I signed up but that didn’t matter – the other women were really friendly and the coaches were brilliant. You gave me really specific useful information about nutrition which I have started to implement, as well as lots of other tips for transition, cycling and running. I’ve just finished a sprint triathlon and did a PR, and felt really strong on the run. Some of the credit for that should definitely go the the Tri50 weekend!

JessApril 2016

Just wanted to thank both of you for bringing me together with Vanessa and Nicole last year in Fuerteventura. As a result of getting to know them then, and keeping in touch since, we’ve just had a great week’s training together here in Andalucia. I have had so much fun and enjoyment sharing bike rides, swims and leisure time with them and it has been fascinating to talk to both of them about their approach to training for Tri events. Both are considerably less angst-ridden than me, so I have a lot to learn from them about that! Vanessa and I have also spent a lot of time comparing our similar hamstring/upper leg pains and commiserating with one another!

I will be really sad to see them both leave tomorrow but know we will meet up again somewhere, sometime later this year (maybe at a Tri event…) so will look forward to that.

Thanks again for Fuerteventura last year and everything that it has led to since!

GillianLas Playitas 2015

I signed up for the Autumn Tri50 training weekend to provide some momentum for my winter training, and perhaps find out why one of my 2015 sprint tris had gone like a dream while another had hurt all the way round. I got more than I bargained for! As well as the excellent swim, bike and run training sessions and the much-needed information about nutrition (perhaps the secret to why one of my events didn’t go right) I found myself motivated to sign up with Jo for a proper coached training plan to take me into the 2016 season. While my aim is to improve my pool-based sprint distance performance in the year where I go up to a new age group, I know that Jo has plans to persuade me that open-water swimming is the next move. Who knows – with Jo’s coaching skills she might even get me to believe it too! Thanks to Jo and Beate for an exhausting but very motivating weekend. I will definitely be back for more.

JulieAutumn 2015

Many thanks for a great weekend. The venue was ideal, Beate and Jo could not have been more helpful and I learnt a lot. If I can put all this knowledge into practice I should sail through Ironman Barcelona.

PeterSpring Training, April 2015

… I just wanted to say thanks again for a fantastic weekend. I had such a great time – I felt I learnt a great deal from 2 supportive, knowledgeable coaches in a safe environment. It has boosted my confidence too.
I miss you both, our group and Wellington college already.
Here’s to the next time!
Thanks again

VickySpring Training, April 2015

It has been a privilege to meet you and train with you at the Wellington College in the past two and half days! Everyone of you is inspirational to me!  Many thanks for your generosity in sharing knowledge and offering encouragement!

And of course SPECIAL THANKS to Jo and Beate who worked so hard to organise and run the training and most importantly for caring!

It is an extremely rewarding weekend for me and I’m sure you feel the same.

For some of you who are more local to me, we shall organise some trainings together… keep fingers crossed 🙂

Zhilin Spring Training, April 2015

Hi everyone,

It was lovely to meet you all and get to know others who share my love of triathlon.

Thank you to Jo and Beate for a very rewarding weekend, I enjoyed everything about the weekend and had a fantastic and memorable time to take me forward with my training and racing.

JillSpring Training, April 2015

Jo and Beate managed the group sessions so that we all received invaluable individual training along with the camaraderie and support of a friendly group. Lovely pool and surprisingly good food!

JanetAutumn Training Weekend Nov 14

I had a brilliant weekend and really enjoyed the training and tips to move my training forward. I do hope I can manage to come along to another event next year. All the best, and thank you once again for a great weekend.

FrancesAutumn Training Weekend Wellington College Nov 14

It was an enormously helpful weekend, so again thank you for you and your team’s advice. I have some really good tips and areas of the training for me to work on, and I think the areas you covered are behind my lack of speed and endurance in the swim and run.

John SAutumn Training Weekend Nov 14

Thank you so much for giving me such structure to my training. I had no clue when I started 4 months ago at your tri weekend. I have learnt so much under your leadership.

Terri O’ReganAugust 2014

I came along to the training day with Jo and Beate at Hillingdon in March.  I’ve just completed my first Triathlon, at Sevenoaks on Sunday and wanted to pass on a message to Jo and Beate to say thank you for all the great training day tips.  I finished in 1.54.40 and was the 2nd placed female in my age group and 19th female overall so I was absolutely over the moon.  I’m totally fired up now for my next triathlon at East Grinstead on 11th May and then the Hever Castle Series after that.

AnnaSpring Training Day, May 2014

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